Due to various projects I have been working on recently in hybrid cloud initiatives  & keeping up with technical changes in the cloud / automation space  I have been working on the AWS certification path.

I tend to consume material from conference videos and consolidate into mind maps to help me understand the material

Below is a growing list of my personal  AWS mind maps I have created while commuting, and learning this amazing platform. 

Hopefully they are of use to other people in their study / or projects.


AWS Mind maps – Consolidated list

  1. AWS – Well Architected framework (WAF)
  2. VMware Cloud  on AWS Architecture
  3. Services Overview
  4. Route 53
  5. EC2
  6. Storage overview 
  7. S3
  8. Snowball
  9. Storage Gateway
  10. VPCs & Networking overview
  11. Elastic Beanstalk
  12. Elastic Transcoder
  13. SWF
  14. Kinesis
  15. SNS
  16. SQS
  17. API gateway
  18. CloudFront
  19. Databases overview