VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 3 released – enabling yourself for the quickest route to the private cloud.

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) version 3, one of the announcements at VMworld 2018 US held last month was just released. 
Normally described as “the quickest route to the hybrid cloud”,  this technology is becoming required knowledge for the vAdmin in consultancy, partner and enterprise roles.
VCF 3 - What's New Technical Mind Map
VCF 3 – What’s New Technical Mind Map

VCF 3 is an automated private cloud solution from VMware.  Using purpose build tools and workflows VCF  automates the VMware portfolio of  SDDC products to help solve business challenges.  
Based on the  VMware Validated designs (VVD), the solution allows an enterprise to not only simplify design & deployment but also the day 2 operations of a cloud platform.
The VCF solution has been updated with several key areas including,
  • Bring your own network / increased vSAN ready node support
  • Lower pre-requisites.
  • Customisation of objects created using the tool (i.e. Names).
  • Use of external DNS
  • Multi-cluster 
  • Stretched Cluster support
To enable some of the above,  VCF 3 has had several changes made to the architecture and deployment processes.    
Although VCF 3.0 is still very new,  there was some amazing content presented within the VMworld 2018 US breakout sessions.  
From a  business use case perspective to technical deep dives and UI / certificate workflow walkthroughs,  a lot of the answers that customers, partners, and IT professionals may ask are presented within these sessions.  
To help me with my work I have summarised the VCF 3 changes, and processes in a mind map,  while my recommended VMworld VCF breakout session videos and official documentation links are shown below.
Useful VMworld 2018 US Videos
Official Documentation Links 

VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) – Private Cloud – Initial Review

Over the past few months I have been working on a number of projects using VMware Cloud  Foundation for private cloud.

The rapid deployment and consistent approach of a VMware based  SDDC has some excellent use cases. 

The platform is based upon the core VMware products with additional options and SKUs for items such as vROps , vRA  and Horizon. 

While the solution aims to enable  partners and enterprises to deliver a private cloud based upon the VMware VVD approach,  the platform from a technical perspective also requires some technical review and up-skilling to fully understand the operational impact, processes and  design choices prior to installation or integration.

My  mind map highlights my initial thoughts for quick up-skilling, rather than detailed design choices (additional posts coming soon).

The links below give an initial review of the components, processes and features.  There is also a VMware Hands On Lab to explore  the platform.

Useful Links

  1. Official Docs 
  2. Official Poster
  3. VMware – Deep Dive Video 
  4. vBrownbag community Techtalk – VMworld 2017 – by Girish Manmadkar
  5. VMware – Imaging process prep video
  6. VMware – Imaging process  video
  7. VMware – Bring Up process video
  8. VMware – Adding new hosts process video 
  9. VMware – Installing vRA process video
  10. Hands On Lab – HOL-1844-01-SLN