Practice Questions

Welcome to my practice questions section. 

Here you will find a growing number of original practice exam tests.

I have  based these questions from the official documentation and my own practical experience,  these questions are intended to aid with study for the certifications.  

They are not the actual questions.  Please enjoy studying a great technology and avoid so called ‘Real Question Sites’

To start my  tests please click  links  below.       The tests  are now  mobile device enabled   with an exam like  interface

Last Updated :  June 2018

NSX  Material 

vSphere  Material 
NSX Quiz 1   VCP6-DCV – vSphere 6 test 1
 NSX Quiz 2  VCP6-DCV vSphere 6 Test 2
NSX Quiz 3  VCP6-DCV vSphere 6 Test 3
NSX Quiz 4  VCP6-DCV vSphere 6 Test 4 
NSX Quiz 5   
 NSX Quiz 6  vSAN  Material – vSAN Specialist Badge 
NSX Quiz 7  vSAN  Practice Test 1
   vSAN   Practice Test 2 

VCAP-DCD – Design  Material  

VCAP-DCD – Practice Test 1  
VCAP-DCD – Design Scenario #1  
VCAP-DCD – Design Scenario #2  
VCAP-DCD – Design Scenario #3  
VCAP-DCD – Design Scenario #4  

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