Operationalizing vSAN 6.7u3 – A Deep Dive From The Field Webinar

vSAN 6.7u3 was released just before the VMworld US conference,  I was very happy to have HCI based sessions at both VMworld events last year, although I mentioned the new operational significant features in vSAN I didn’t have much field experience with them being so new.

Thanks to the help of the VMware Learning Zone team I had the opportunity to bring together my recent field experiences with 6.7u3 from an operational perspective.

This webinar session covered a discussion of the new 6.7u3 release enhancements and how they impact a business in areas such as planning & change control.

Availability, new operational processes and how to approach the upgrade was also a focus in the material.  The webinar can be viewed here 

vSAN Encryption – Tales From The Field

Over the past few months I have been working with a variety of customers on either enabling vSAN encryption on existing / scaling vSAN clusters or working with large scale customers enabling it for the first time.

I had a great opportunity to bring stories together into a single presentation with the team at VMware Learning Zone.

I had great fun on this Webinar episode  discussing the vSAN Encryption architecture, touch points and most importantly the day 2 operation considerations of running this technology at scale.

As promised the diagram and mind map I used in the webinar are available below.

vSAN Encryption Process Diagram

vSAN Encryption Mind Map 

VMware Learning Zone Webinar Recording

I have also added the deepdive links I referred to on the webinar for vSAN encryption to my useful vSAN Links page.

VMworld EU 2019 – Over in a blink of an eye


I have just spent a week in Barcelona for the VMworld EU conference. 

It was a great event and I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with everyone.   

I had a very busy schedule and was very honoured to present on a variety of HCI topics.

I also had a great experience working with the VMware GSS team as part of the VMware Expert Bar for vSAN.

As promised during my sessions I have uploaded the mind maps I used and updated my vSAN links with new deep dives and useful articles.


vSAN 6.7 U3 Operationally more info.

vSAN 6.7u3 Update Mind Map

Just before VMworld US 2019,  a substantial update to vSAN was released.   Marked as a minor update,  it is anything but…

vSAN 6.7u3  has brought about great new features, performance enhancements and some key day 2 operational improvements.  

By providing more information to the vSAN admin with capacity UI enhancements and predictive what-if information for sync tasks.  Making changes will be much more comfortable to plan and carry out.  

Upgrade management with new VUM baselines and SPBM batching, target some key areas I have seen customers spend considerable time discussing thoughts on maintenance processes and timing with previous builds.   These enhancements should really help with both lifecycle management and day to day planned changes.

I have created a mind map for the release to discuss the new features and enhancements while in the field.

Recommended links are shown below to consume the detailed information on this release.

Release notes 
Official Blog posts
Virtually Speaking Podcast Episode 
Official Technology Overview Video
VMworld 2019 US What’s New Session

VMworld US 2019 – Mind Maps & That’s a wrap

The dust is settling and announcements being processed.   VMworld US 2019  was amazing.

I was honored to have the pleasure of attending the VMworld 2019 US event in San Francisco this year, 

I enjoyed catching up with colleagues and customers from around the world.

It was a busy event and I had a packed schedule, with presenting 3 breakout sessions on vSAN, VVD & VCF. 

I also assisted with a longer vSAN Operations workshop.

As promised I have uploaded the mind maps I used while speaking at the event.


Now to prepare for VMworld 2019 EU