VCAP5-DCD Design Scenario 2

You a VMware consultant for a large company,  the current  platform is running vSphere  4.0 platform.

The platform is based at 1 site , with a single 8 node ESX  4.0 cluster  hosting   580 guest VMs .

The FC storage  holds 50 datastores, with a total size of  6tb,  the San is an active / passive solution.

You have been assigned accountability for  the vSphere  upgrade and  to develop the platform for the next 3 years.

After a short design workshop with the business  the following was noted,

  • The CTO is looking to  add another site for DR.  Ideally using VMware  SRM within 12 months.
  • The development manager is concerned about performance with network performance between hosts a concern.
  • The IT manager is looking to replace all servers.  The current platform is supported to 5.1 due to physical server version. He prefers a single management interface.
  • The business application manager has been disappointed with its current restore function,  currently the platform is  not  backed up correctly and no documentation exists.  The platform suffered a network error and all VMs on one host were powered off.

The procurement team have provided a pack of physical kit and contracts,  the storage solution is end of life in 18 months,  the network contract is 2 months in to a 5 year contract providing 100 mb links between sites.

The current hosts  consists of  6 NICS  and a separate dual port fibre card.

Tasks to complete

  1. Describe the Project vision
  2. Draw a conceptual diagram for the project.
  3. Draw a logical diagram.
  4. List the requirements, risks and constraints.
  5. Highlight the  suspected issues and changes needed to avoid a host power down outage in future.
  6. From  the issues  draw two possible options for the management layer between the 2 sites,  highlight the pros and cons of each option.
  7.  Construct a high level implementation plan for the project to upgrade to 5.1 and then 5.5

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