VCAP5-DCD Design Scenario 1

You are a VMware architect working on behalf of a company supplying a managed  service for end users to host their
virtual servers running critical applications

The current platform consists of  2 physical sites ,  based on two production VMware 4.1 clusters each comprising of 4 ESXi hosts.
Each cluster is controlled separately with a vCenter at each site,

Currently the platform is running vSphere  4.1  and vCenter on windows 2004 64 bit,

Each host has 512 GB RAM , 2 quad core processors and 8 x 1 Gb nic cards.
The underlying storage system is an iSCSi endpoint with 4 datastores – 1.5 TB each in size.

The company is looking to upgrade the platform to produce a VMware 5.1 solution with a single management interface.
The links between the sites are 100mb.

The storage is synchronised between sites.
The SLA to the platform is  on the event of a hardware or site failure the service must be back within 4 hours, while Data loss
can be up to  15 minutes.

As part of a discovery phase you run a series of workshops with different members of the business to understand the project

The IT Manager is looking to deploy a cost effective platform,  however is concerned about the current platform as the
datacenter links suffered several outages at 1 of the sites over the past 3 months.

The senior Wintel Consultant is looking to unify the windows build throughout the platform to windows 2008 R2
The storage administrator has highlighted that the current backup routine can backup and restore  approximately  1 TB  in 5 hours

Tasks to complete

  1. Highlight the project vision
  2. Draw a conceptual diagram
  3. Draw a logical diagram
  4. List the Requirements, Risks , Constraints
  5. Construct a high level implementation plan for the project to 5.1
  6. Construct a high level physical diagram for the solution from the Network perspective


  1. What is the max datastore  size for this platform to meet business requirements ?
  2. How should Cluster settings such as VMware HA, and DRS be configured.
  3. What are the best practice for the cluster settings in this situation?
  4. What issues may arise in this platform with a single vCenter and how can they be mitigated?


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