VCAP5-DCD Design Scenario #3


The VCAP5-DCD   tests  how  to follow a design process  and  the ability to develop solutions using a design methodology.   The following question is created  to help practice  creating a structure / process to answer any scenario based project  question in the exam and more Importantly real projects.   The Exam is a mixture of technical knowledge   and  design experience.


You are a VMware architect working for a large consultancy.

You have been assigned a new client –  a medium sized  publishing  house  and have been sent the below pre-qualifying information from the technical pre-sales consultant after their 1 day workshop help a week ago.  You are due on site the following day.

The company consist of 8 sites, with site to site links of 100 mb.

7 sites are branch offices  consisting of 1 server providing  Activve Directory,  windows Updates, DHCP, DNS, File and Print services.

The main  site has a comms room for servers comprising of 7  42 U server racks

The company are currently  revisiting the network links  (5 months left on current contract)

All servers are more than 3 years old and are currently in paid after sales annual support (paid for another 4 months).

The company platform has grown organically over the past 4 years.  There is a very little documentation and due to recent staff restructuring the current team members are relativity new to the platform.

An initial 3rd party vendor capacity planning tool was used to produce a capacity  assessment.  This was run  for an initial 24 hour period.

The report  has given the following information

59 Physical   Servers with a mixture of windows 2003 & 2008 R2

No shared storage 0r backup devices at present.

Aggregated Resource Values

IOPS 3701 at 95%, 3949  at 99% and 5280  at peak
Read/Write Ratio 89% and 11%
Total Storage Capacity: 31250 GB
Free Storage Capacity 6839 GB
 Memory  Capacity 368 GB    – Average 147 Gb  – Peak 239
Total Cores 210
Total Processors 108
CPU Aggregate 118.0 Ghz
  •  The company is looking to cut costs and consolidate  technology to 1 single site  where possible.
  • The solution should last 3 years with a roadmap for longer strategy.
  • The system must  perform at least as good as it is today.
  • The platform must be scalable with ease to add resources.
  • Backup and DR much be factored into the solution
  • RTO  of 1 Day,  and RPO – 4 hours in new solution.
  • There are plans to implement a failover site within 2 years and a possible VDI  with 8 months following this  consolidation project.


  1. What are the technical phases for  a project such as this  from a technical perspective?
  2. How would the server containment be calculated?
  3. What options are available to the client for the project with regards to minimising testing and impact to the business?
  4. What information is missing to form a complete assessment?

Tasks to complete and Documentation Creation

  1. Highlight the project vision.
  2. Draw a conceptual diagram.
  3. List the Requirements, Risks , Constraints.
  4. Draw a logical diagram pre and post migration.
  5. Construct a high level implementation plan  to install and P2V the platform.
  6. Highlight the main design choices to consider for each component of  the logical diagram.

How will the logical design transition to a physical design.  What information would be  required to complete this phase of design?

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