VCAP5-DCD Design Scenario #4

You are a system  architect  for a large enterprise.

A web facing application has been running on physical servers for 2 years 10 months. The system consists of a specialist application with a web driven application interface.

There are 4 servers for this application;

  1. File server.  – windows 2003 – 900 Gb of file data, 30 gb system drive , 8 GB RAM, 8 CPUs
  2. Web server – windows 2003 – 30 gb logical  drive , 8 GB RAM, 8 CPUs
  3. Application server   –   Windows 2003 – 30 gb system drive, 50 gb data, 8 GB RAM, 8 CPUs
  4. Database server   –  windows 2003 – SQL 2005. – 750 gb data,  16 GB RAM,  8 CPUs

Running on windows 2003 , with IIS 6.0, and SQL 2005, the platform has provided a valuable service however the application is becoming  less of a focus for the company.  There are 2   almost completed active projects  remaining on the currently platform.

The physical kit comprises of  standardised separate HP rack mount servers with dual core intel processors but varied amounts of Memory installed as shown above.

The corporate strategy is to upgrade all physical operating systems and applications to a minimum of  windows 2008.   Systems can remain with legacy platforms within the virtual infrastructure  with understanding of support / SLA impacts depending on platform.

The business manager would like to continue to offer the application in their portfolio of products  if it is commercially sensible, and is also interested in possible improvements to the availability and performance of the application without major expense.

As the system  architect you have been asked to review  the application state and give recommendations for work based on a technical perspective.

The business has provided a contact for your understanding of projects and application liaison with vendor Support.

Tasks / Questions To Complete

  • What is the vision for this project?
  • What information is required to virtualise this platform?
  • Make a list of questions for  the   business team, software vendor, and infrastructure team.
  • What options are available to the company to satisfy the requirements.
  • Draw a conceptual diagram of each option

Assuming  the potential of physical to virtual conversion,  

  • Create a milestone plan for the project,
  • High level implementation plan on how  to  virtualise the workload
  • What improvements can be made


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